Pay it Forward, One Song at a Time

Music Shifts would like to recommend a “Pay It Forward, One Song At A Time”.

When you buy the song, not only do you bless your heart and spirit with the magic of music, you pay forward your act of generosity and help teachers to pay it for forward to for the students of Nassau. It’s a very nice ripple effect.

Our featured song is by Ashley & Franks, called “With an Angel’s Touch“. Click here to listen to a preview / buy.

Here’s Why You’re Not Sleeping

As part of Music Shifts' commitment to providing our readers with content that inspires, entertains and supports health and wellness, we're pleased to have Dr. Jason Loken, ND, as our lead health and wellness contributor. In part I of Dr. Loken's Sleep Strategies...

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Good Things Take Time

Today's post provides the background on our newest song in the Music Shifts series called "Time."  When you access songs in this series for your personal enjoyment part of the proceed of each sale supports the work of our philanthropic arm - Global Shifts. Click on...

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Drinking From an Empty Cup

The is the story behind the song The Wonder and I invite you to read about my experience. The song can be accessed by clicking on the button below: Drinking from an empty cup is a pretty futile endeavor, yet all too often the nurturers among us attempt to survive with...

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How to Get More Focus in Life

The desire to get more focus in life is a topic of discussion that's reaching epic proportions in households and offices every where. I bet you're not surprised. How often has a cell phone ring or a texting signal "ding" interrupted you while you were reading, working...

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In Friendship and Love

From the time we are born there are people who come into our lives in friendship and love, helping to shape our character and our perspectives. Many times we recognize these people as good friends even though some are clearly more than that. Sometimes it's a casual...

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Music Feels Good for a Reason

In the simplest terms music feels good. It makes us cry, laugh, move and attempt feats we might not otherwise try without the inspiration it creates within us. This is not news, but sometimes it's worth taking a moment to look at the physical facts about music so that...

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